Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Healthy Habits: Do I really need to drink this much water?

Are we all jacked in?

Have you ever heard, "you should drink eight glasses of water a day"? After hearing that do you think, "eight glasses of water?! That is far too much!"? According to Brian Dunning, the blogger at Skeptoid (who does a lot of research into pop culture myths), it is too much water to drink if you are not hiking...or something like that. Don't get me wrong; drinking water is very important. After reading the information on Skeptoid and on, I learned that if you drink too much water, there is a possibility that you could develop hyponatremia. Essentially, it is an electrolyte (salt) imbalance. What I got from these articles is that your required amount of water can be, and usually is, already in the food you eat everyday (via fruit or beverages--coffee and soda included). If you have some sort of chronic dehydration, have a bit of water every now and then. Check with your doctor. Occasionally, I don't feel like drinking water so, I will use a mix-in of some sort. You can add fruit juice or even add a herbal fruit flavored tea bag to the water as an alternative to the water flavor packets. I personally cannot stand herbal tea, but I may have to give the fruit flavored ones a try--just because. Sometimes I just want a soda, but I usually go back to drinking water anyway.

That concludes our session.  May your day/night be grand!


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  1. Personally, I drink about a gallon or so of wawta a day. Generally more, depending on what I'm doing but, I fill my metal water bottle about 5 times a day. But, I do make up for it with electrolytes and salt and stuffs.